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June 04, 2008



The destruction part is apparently easy enough. It's the creation part that still needs a lot of work.

A look at the 1980s through today are a ready illustration.

We had plasma displays courtesy of Don Blitzer in the 1970s.
Cellular phones started to roll out in the 1980s, giving new freedom to stay in touch, but that was adulterated by the imposition of GPS tracking.
We had 60-bit words in the late 1960s, and 64-bit words and 128-bit super-words in mid-1970s both courtesy of Cray; and Intel and ADM are finally getting back to that in their own exceedingly kludgey ways.
Control Data produced micro-computers around 1980 but they were over-engineered and still clunky and too expensive; we had minis by the mid-1980s but price was still a problem.
They produced the "Wren" small format disk drive in the mid-1980s which eventually led to iPods and TiVo.

I've seen a lot of economic destruction since 1986, but little creation, in part due to the destruction of Control Data Corporation and other firms that added to the competitive mix and required all firms to do better.

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