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March 06, 2008


john g otto

The motivational talk has to ring true, and executive action has to not contradict the slogans.

The "Men in Black" worked 30-hour days, just as (because) we sometimes did at CIM division in the 1980s (later spun off as ICEM Inc., then taken over by PTC). What we didn't know at the time was that, past about 9 hours per day, working more hours generates more mistakes and reduces net productivity.

A school drop-out grocery salesman developed the first practical 2- and 4-cycle internal combustion engines to run on ethanol, and only later gasoline. GMC's first line of trucks -- from 1/2 ton to 8 tons -- were all electric. But those guys weren't into massive privacy violation systems, unlike other "innovators" and body shoppers you mention.

One key factor is having or making enough to survive while you're attempting that risky innovation... or having angel investors.

Of course, if every creative person could avoid mal-investment of his time and talents it would all be much easier. Sometimes, that mal-investment turns out to be the most efficient means to learn, but other times it's flat out disaster for those involved.

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This is so true. And i think it shouldn't be any other way. Many studies have showed that motivation is the key factor for driving people towards excellence.

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I like the way Leading Innovation defined in this post.The idea of motivation to make them innovative is great!! Organization follow the concept of motivation a lot.But it work well if you are able to create the innovative and creative work.Will share this post my staff.


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